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Love is Blind

From infancy, we're taught a certain characteristic of beauty. It's usually comprised of pretty eyes, soft skin, nice hair, and attractive body parts. People are characterized as beautiful when these attributes are superior than others. Most often people fall in love with these attributes, not the person.
Let's be honest. I know many people with superior attributes that are fucking assholes. They can attract a man or a woman but, as time goes on, Mother Nature takes her toll, and the attributes become less favorable. Then you're just stuck with a fucking asshole.
This is why it's so important to love a person for the content of their character. When you love someone, their attributes may attract you to them but the content of their character is what keeps you together. It's just like when you see older couples together and the old man can't fuck no more, his muscles have turned to fat, his six pack now makes him look like he's pregnant, yet to the one t…

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