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Reality Check

Most humans who are raised by loving parents, a single loving parent or even a loving grandparent are raised to feel special, unique and that the world revolves around them. But I say to all of these caregivers that you're doing your children an injustice, a disservice and a misinterpretation of life. This is because when they get out in the real world, the world will let them know that they ain't shit.

I know everyone looks in the mirror every morning when they are brushing their teeth and swears that they are something special, that they have a uniqueness in this world because there is no one like them. But on the contrary there is almost seven billion people like your ass in the world. I hate to bust your "I'm special" bubble, but the truth is, if you haven't done anything special that you can say no one else has done, then you're just another rat in the rat race.

The only people you might be special to is your mother, father, sister, brother, grandmo…

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