Enough is Enough!

I'm tired of the idiot box with fake ass news. I come from the street. If a muthafucker walked up to me and said I heard that somebody said that they heard somebody else say some bullshit about me, I would tell that person to bring that person to my face to say it right in front of me. Then I would believe that they said it.

All of the bullshit ass television news shows and newspapers always start their bullshit stories with "An inside source said" or "A reliable source said" blah, blah, blah. Then 80% of the American people, whether, Conservative, Democrat or Republican run away with that shit like it came from God, Himself.

This is straight out McCarthyism. For those of you that don't know what McCarthyism is, it was a time during the Cold War when all someone had to do was suggest you were a Communist. No proof was needed. Someone just heard someone say that they heard someone say that you were a communist. Then your life was ruined.

Today, they'll say anything on TV and people will believe it without varying it for themselves. For all I know, half the sources could be Santa Claus and the other half could be the Easter Bunny. How are we supposed to know? You can't get an honest answer from any news entity because they're all politically biased. I'm old school, if it don't come straight from the horses mouth, it's bullshit.

These pass few years, I've learned that if I can't see it with my own eyes, and hear it with my own ears, it's been tampered with. I've had enough of this bullshit where people try to shape my opinion with just one side of a story. If you want to be legit, stop saying "Sources said", "Inside sources said" and "The New York Times source said" and start giving me some muthafucking names. With all of the information I've heard lately, I haven't heard one name behind it yet.

Everybody is talking about leaks. Who the fuck is leaking it? Back in the day, we called that a snitch. If the snitch is leaking it, how do we know if it's true? It's a snitch! I'm not saying some things are true or not true. I'm just saying that I want to hear it straight from the horses mouth. If you're bold enough to be a snitch, then say it without the anonymity of confidentiality. Anybody can snitch bullshit but that doesn't make it true. One thing I've learned in fifty years is that there's two sides to every story and then there's the truth. Show your face leakers and snitches. If you're telling the truth, shout it from the mountain top so everyone knows who you are. Enough is enough with this source bullshit.

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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