Crystal Meth

Yesterday, I was driving through a lower economic, Caucasian neighborhood. There were a bunch of trailers and run down homes thought-out this area. As I was driving down the road, I looked ahead about 100 yards, and in front of me was a white lady, butt naked, briskly walking down the street, talking to herself.

At first I thought she might have jumped out the window to escape an abusive boyfriend, or something. But as I got closer, I realized she was a rambling fool. The first thing that came to my mind, because of the area, was That bitch got to be smoking Crystal Meth.

As everyone knows, I'm from the Bronx, NY. When I was indulging in recreational pharmaceuticals, marijuana basically did it for me.  I've tried cocaine, didn't like it. Mescaline was ok, but it wasn't something you wanted to do all the time. Alcohol doesn't really float my boat and heroin was definitely off of the table.

Growing up in the ghetto, I never heard of Crystal Meth. When I found out about it, the effects it had and what it was made from, the first thing that came to my mind was Why the fuck would anybody want to smoke this shit? That shit makes you lose your mind. If you smoke something that makes you crazy enough to walk down the street butt naked, you need to reevaluate what recreational drug use is.

In one of my previous blogs "Everybody Gets High" I mentioned that everybody uses some kind of drug, but that the desired effect was the same; to be relaxed and get away from it all. How does smoking some shit that keeps your ass up for twenty four hours, rots your fucking teeth and makes your face break out like someone hit you with a bag of quarters seem like the thing to do? How do white people even think to smoke this shit?

Here's a message to all Crystal Meth smoking white people. I'm not saying black people don't do it, I've just never seen or heard that they do. Stick to the weed. It's organic. It comes from the ground of the earth. With the recent decriminalization in certain states of marijuana and the recent medical marijuana availability throughout the country, there are different potencies that will give you the desired effect. But for God's sake, put down the Crystal Meth.

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