“What good is a god that does nothing when bad things like cancer exist? That's why your god is either impotent, evil, or imaginary.”

Cancer, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, lupus, sickle cell anemia, mental retardation, physical deformities, blindness, deafness, dumbness, HIV, and a thousand other unpronounceable diseases that cause disastrous heartache and pain to those inflicted and those who love them, were not created by God.

Every time something goes wrong in life, people always want to blame God. When everything is going well, they want to give themselves credit for the great job they did. Nobody wants to blame mankind for messing with God’s perfect creation. God made things perfect and it was man that corrupted it.

God created man and woman in his image, in their perfect form, without blemish. God created man and woman to love each other during intimacy, an act of pure love. Mankind, in his selfish and self-centered ambition have split and spliced God’s natural order of things down to replacing DNA. Mankind had corrupted the pure act of love by the projection of its lustful imagery.

Mankind, through its greed has polluted our air, water, and food to the point that only the rich get to eat prime cut food. The working class and the poor eat pink slime filled hamburgers and fatty laced cuts of meat because they are cheaper, as well as drink sugar filled beverages and consume teeth rotting candy which are all well known to cause disease.

The things we eat and drink, that we don’t know about, cause all of those diseases because of the pollution in the air, water and food we consume, the toxic by product of the industrial establishment. God created none of that.

God created water, pure, which is why the body is made up of 60% of it. God created the trees that ingest carbon dioxide which human’s breath out. They exhale oxygen which human’s breath in. For you dumb folks out there, it’s called air. God created the animals and plants of the earth for us to consume and nurture ourselves because we are all one.

Those are the basic things that a human needs to survive. He needs nothing else. Since the beginning of time, man has been trying to corrupt all of these things, which are free, even to the point of selling water, which the earth is 75% made of. Why would people buy water when the earth is made up of 75% of it? Because mankind poisons the water around you, therefore you can’t drink it and have to buy bottled water which is process through a filtration system where multiple chemicals are added to it. Some of these are cancer causing chemicals, like fluoride.

Mankind, and his greed, have found a way to substitute meat with what they call by-products, pink slime and the like. What the hell is pink slime? I know everyone who has ever had a hamburger has had some of it.

Mankind has polluted the atmosphere with the consistent burning of fossil fuels and by-products released in the air from industrial factories.

Scientists have been testing vaccines, all kinds of manmade Frankenstein, lab created viruses and bio weapons. They test them on poor, unknowing, disadvantaged people which in the past years have resulted in the horrendous physical, mental and genetic mutations of human beings that will be felt by generations to come.

God did not create any of these things. What God created was perfect. The fact that all of these things exist proves that there is a God. The fact that they are all bad is not a reflection of God, but a reflection of God’s love. When God created us, he didn’t create slaves. God gave mankind free will. With God’s granted gift of free will, mankind has corrupted what God has created for him.

It’s easy to blame God, to call him names, to say that he doesn’t exist but remember, mankind is mankind, God is God, the Creator of everything that exists. Mankind’s mind can’t conceive what God is. Mankind can only have faith that He is and love Him as it is written



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