To be honest, sometimes I really just want to tell people that I don't give a f*ck! Most of the time when you work with people, they often bring up their personal lives just to make conversation.

The first time, you listen and you get to know about the person, but then as time goes on, it's like you're their personal shrink. This goes on for years, as long as you both have the job. All of that could have been prevented if you simply said "I don't give a fuck!"

Sometimes you fall behind in your bills so the bill collectors are calling to keep you on the hook for the high interest credit cards, or loans. At first their friendly and want to work shit out with you. Then they get ugly and start making threats about reporting you to the credit bureaus, or repossessing your car, or garnishing your wages. You avoid all of the phone calls because you know who's on the other end. All of this could be avoided if you simply picked up the phone and said to your creditors "I ain't got it. Then when they use the tactics above, just say "I don't give a fuck!"

When you get into an argument with a family member, that you never really liked in the first place, and they make verbal threats to cut you out of their life and never speak to you again, look them dead in the eye and say "I don't give a fuck!"

Someone borrows money from you and guarantees to pay you by a certain date. When that date comes, the muthafucker starts telling you all his fucking problems of why he can't pay you his money. This goes on continuously to the point that you never get your money. This could have been avoided if when they first gave you those bullshit excuses, you simply said "I don't give a fuck! Give me my money."

These are things I don't give a fuck about: If you're gay or straight, Donald Trump, politics, The Real Housewives of any muthafucking place, how big Kim Kardashian's ass is, The Lifestyles of the Super Rich, video games, how much money you have, to name a few. There's just so many things I just don't give a fuck about.

There are only three things I do give a fuck about, in this order: GOD, FAMILY AND MONEY!!!!!!!

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