No Loyalty Among Black People

I heard a radio host, named Russ Parr on a black station talk shit about Camille Cosby for sticking up for her husband Bill. He ostracized the woman for coming to her husbands defense. The man who she'd been married to for 60 plus years. He called her all kinds of names that were synonyms for stupid. I'm not saying Bill Cosby was right and I'm not saying he was 100% guilty, but a wife should stand by her husband and a husband by his wife. It's the equivalent to having a grown child that is convicted of murder. He's done the crime, has to do the time but does that mean you don't love him anymore?

This is notorious in the black community from Michael Jackson to Kanye West. When Michael Jackson was accused of molesting those children, the black radio hosts and commentators jumped on him like flies on shit. Then when he was found not guilty, they wanted to jump on the Michael Jackson bandwagon again.

Kanye West, speaks his mind. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he has a right to his opinion. But the same black media personalities who jockeyed to get him on their shows to boost their ratings are now trying to demonize him and call him mentally ill or a sell out. Where the hell is the loyalty?

This is the same kind of shit that black people have been doing since being brought to America. Throughout history, black people have been brought down by other black people, from Nat Turner, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. All were either killed by black men, betrayed by black men or spied on by black men for the white man.

This isn't an opinion. This is a fact. If black people spent more time being loyal to each other and supporting each other, through thick and thin, like the Jews, the Italians, the Irish and the Mexicans we would be a formidable force.

I'm not saying Bill Cosby is innocent but I do respect his wife's loyalty. All she is doing is what strong black woman have done for centuries, which is to support her black man when the world is against him.

So, Mr. Russ Parr of the Russ Par Morning Show, instead of eluding to call our sister stupid and na├»ve, have some empathy for the pain she is feeling. Her family is destroyed through no actions of her own, but yet she still stands strong by her man. This is Loyalty.  Learn some. God forbid you're in a position where the world is against you; not for doping and molesting woman, but for something you said on the radio that the overall society disagreed with. You'd pray for a woman like Camille Cosby.

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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