The common destiny for all. No matter how rich, or how poor, we're all going to wind up in the same place; the ground. There are two common denominators that all humanity shares which is the birth from a woman and death.

All over the world, there are philosophers that try to tell you what happens when you die. Truth is, nobody knows. Nobody that I know has died and ever come back to tell me what's on the other side. Because of this, people have a fear of dying. There is one thing that can comfort you in the final hours as you are taking that last breath. That is wherever you go, you're not going to be alone.

Let me give you my philosophy on death. I've read many books, listened to many philosophers, and sought out information from different institutions and I've come up with this final analogy. The process of dying is the same for all living things. The life force leaves your body, which then triggers a chemical reaction. Then the body starts to break itself down.

For the last one hundred years or so, society has obstructed the natural decomposition of the body. In the old days, when people died, their families would have a wake in the home and sometimes bury the body on the property and allow the body decompose naturally which nutures the soil. Nowadays, funeral homes have corrupted the process, preying on the grieving family members.

At one time, you could put a corpse in a wooden box, nail it shut, and put it in the ground or burn it. That was perfectly acceptable. Now these blood sucking Funeral Directors, and I do mean blood sucking, pounce on an emotionally distressed family member by offering them costly, unneeded amenities. When you walk into the funeral parlor they welcome you with open arms and fake empathy. All the while sizing you up so they can see how much they can fleece you for.

If you say that you just want to have your loved one cremated, they try to sell you the most expensive urn there is. I've even seen them try to sell glass balls containing the ashes of the deceased as a keepsake. The cremation and the keepsake might run you twenty five hundred dollars.

But they don't want that, they want to go for the big bucks. They want to embalm the body. Have you pick out the most expensive casket and rent their facility for viewing purposes. If you pick out a cheap casket, they try to play on your emotional attachment to the corpse by acting as if the more expensive the casket is the more the deceased will appreciate it. They're dead! They don't give a shit about materialistic things.

The Bible says, God made man from the dust of the earth. Humanity and the earth are one. When we die our bodies should return to the earth and our souls to God. This is the natural order of things. Death is not something to be feared, it is something to be accepted so that we can move forward to the next phase of life.

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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