Crabs In The Barrel

All of these black women running around talking about this "Sisterhood" bullsh*t are hypercrites. They claim to uplift each other, support each other, and project a positive image of the black woman. Strong, intelligent, attractive and formidable, these are the characteristics that make a black woman the black woman.

Now I'm going to show you how these so called "Sisters" are nothing but crabs in the barrel. For those of you that don't know, crabs in the barrel is a terminology that black people have amongst themselves. Since I'm black I can talk about it.

I remember being taught this saying when I was around eight years old. I remember someone pointing to a barrel of crabs at the fish store and they asked me "You know why they don't have a top on the barrel, but yet none of the crabs get out? It's because they keep pulling each other down."

We had a black woman sitting in the White House, working among the elite, for two administrations. She portrayed all of the positive characteristics of a black woman. The establishment called her a b*tch when she touted her accomplishments to their faces and demanded respect.

Just like the crabs in the barrel, when our sister was attacked by the same establishment that they march against to open doors for black women, they sided with the establishment and jumped on her like the crabs that they are.

I'm talking about Omarosa. When she had her falling out with the White House, the black women got in line to rub the humiliation in her face. Robin Roberts, Robin Thede, Whoopi Goldberg and a bunch of other crabs in the barrel b*tches that didn't' agree with her politics, as if her political opinions made her less black. Instead of uniting with her when she was in the White House and supporting her, where they would have had better access to the President, they all plotted and prayed for her demise.

I might not agree with Omarosa and her politics and I may not like her aggressive personality but me, being a father of two black women, would not mind her being a role model for them. Omarosa has been around for about twenty years. I haven't seen a sex tape, an arrest record and she doesn't have children out of wedlock by multiple partners. She dresses like a woman with dignity and respect.

All you crabs, stop trying to pull your sister down. Instead, hold her up. So no more Bye Felicia's! How about Omarosa for Senator or Congress Woman?

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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