Black and White

I was taught that scientifically there are only three races, Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. I grew up around the majority of Negroid people. I had little to no interaction with Mongoloid people and a vast interaction with Caucasoid people.

Now this is no offense to either one but I just want to state the fact that both Negroid and Caucasoid races are different. It's not that one is better than the other. They're just different. This is not a monolithic statement of all Caucasoid or Negroid people, just most of them. There are exceptions to the rule.

Caucasoid men are not as jealous. They trust their women to have male friends. They don't mind when their woman is alone with a man. They also don't mind when their women have other men's numbers in their cell phones as long as there is a reasonable explanation for it.

Negroid men are jealous muthafuckers!!!! Their women can't have any male friends. That would be too many dicks around. As far as being alone with another man, don't bet your life on it. That's a hell no! If he ever found another man's number in his woman's phone he'd need a declaration from the President to prove she wasn't fucking him.

Caucasoid women are cunning. They are able to contain their emotion while a cheating spouse cheats while patiently waiting for his twenty year pension so that she can half of it and get some younger dick and have him drive her around in the new car that the ex-husband is paying for.

Negroid women are aggressive and impatient. They will confront a cheating spouse with evidence constantly and eventually break up with him to settle for a measly child support check.

This is not to say that any of what I've said is wrong or right. It's just that it's handled differently by each race. I can especially speak for the Negroid man because I've been with my wife for thirty five years and I'm as jealous as I was when we were teenagers. Let me catch her alone with another man or with men's numbers in her phone. I would go crazy. Not because I don't trust her but because I'm a crazy ass Negroid.

Truth be told when it comes to the matters of the heart and jealousy, no matter what race you are, your ass will act a fool. It's not simply Black and White.

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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