The Forbidden Truth

Nobody likes or respects a weak man. No matter what society tells you, anytime a man portrays any sign of weakness, even his own woman won't respect him. It doesn't matter how much money that man makes, how many cars he has, or how much pussy he gets, which he's probably paying for because he's weak, he'll never compare to a real man.

Our ghettos and trailer parks are ravished with the offspring of weak men. They are left to be raised by women who then turn them into momma's boys. Then their weak asses turn around and have five more weak ass men. They breed like rabbits in the fucking ghetto and trailer parks. Then they wonder why women are taking over.

Everywhere you turn, it's pussy power, east and west, left and right, north and south, up and down and all around, it's pussy power. There are even weak ass men that want to be women because they know women get more respect then they do.
All of these weak ass men talking shit about women being gay but, you know what, half of those women were straight before they were gay. They got caught up with some weak ass muthafucking man that turned them against dick. A weak ass man is cause for 90% of the misfortunes in the ghettos and trailer parks.

Real men, we have to step up and fight extra hard to teach our sons and grandsons to be strong men so that they can attract strong women and raise strong families. The weak men are out numbering us. They're giving all of us strong men a bad name. If we don't implement this strategy, we're lost. It will become a female run society that doesn't respect men instead of a society where men and women respect each other. The forbidden truth!

Ghetto Bastard: A Memoir (Volume 1) and Ghetto Bastard 2 (Volume 2) by Russell Vann


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