Everlasting Love

How do you know when that person is the one? People fall in love,  but how do they know when it's the one they want to spend the rest of their life with? It's all fun and games when you're together for two or three years, and the relationship is new and fresh and you're discovering things together. There's no kids and the possibilities are endless. You're fucking everyday, her tits are still perky and his stomach is still flat. It's easy to be in love then.

The real, solid love is when you pass that ten year mark, have two kids, her breasts are sagging and his belly goes past his belt. When she looks in the mirror and notices her stretch marks, beginnings of varicose veins and cottage cheese thighs, but yet he can barely keep his hands off of her because, in his eyes, she still looks like she did the day he met her all those years ago. The only reason he's not fucking her seven days a week is because he can't, not because he doesn't want to.

When he looks at himself in the mirror and he sees his hair line is receding, dark circles are growing under his eyes, and he's gone up four pants sizes. He knows his erection isn't what it used to be and that he's lost teeth due to bad oral hygiene, but she still looks at him as the man of her dreams. That's real love.

When you love someone and the chemistry is there, you know it. It's indescribable, unexplainable and  unpredictable. It is sincere, eternal and fortified.

When I was fifteen years old, I fell in love with a girl. She wasn't the prettiest or sexiest, but she was smart. As we became intimate, we grew even closer, mentally and emotionally. Now, at the age that I am, I don't understand it myself, but she just does it for me. To me, she's the same person I met thirty five years ago and I still can't keep my hands off of her. Now that's everlasting love.

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  1. What you said about your lady was really sweet. And you're right-when me and my man can overlook our "short comings" and just dig each other for who we still are at the core-that's Everlasting Love. Sometimes things change, people change for whatever reasons and they separate. It happened to us. I left my relationship after 12 years-it was mutual. I became stifled because I was so wrapped up in him and I lost me. So I left and when I did shit hit the fan-meaning life showed up in a big way to where I relocated to another state. And he's always been there from the time I left him until now. The situations I went through matured me, I grew and after 7 years we're back together. I realized I needed a "shake up". He did too but I'll keep the focus on me. Our separation made us see one another with the same loving brown eyes but in a different light and a newfound respect. This blog makes me think of one of my fav songs by Chaka Khan "Everlasting Love". Another good blog Russ!

    1. Hi Bellz, no offense, I didn't hear something in all of those wonderful words. Maybe I missed something but did you say your man or is he your husband? I only say this because everything you said is so true to heart and hopefully he feels the same because if he does and he's not your husband, he should put a ring on it right away and marry your ass tomorrow. If he is already your husband, disregard everything I just said and you go girl!


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