Black Lives Don't Matter!

I'm black and have been black all of my life. I can't change the fact that I'm black. I've been around black people all of my life. Therefore I have the inside track.

I don't fall for the 'Black Lives Matter" bullshit I see on TV. Young black men, women and children have been getting killed on a daily basis in this country since I was a child. Where were all the marches then? Where are they now? You let a cop kill one black person and muthafuckers are marching ten to twenty thousand strong with signs up, holding up traffic and shit. But if twenty black people get shot during a drive by in Chicago, Compton, Washington DC, Little Rock, Atlanta, or New York where are the marches through the "hood" to confront the gang leaders, drug dealers and corrupt politicians now?

"Black Lives Matter" and the high profile black celebrities talk so much shit about what they want white people to do for black people. Yet, they don't condemn and boycott their own people who perpetuate the thuggish, ghetto stereotype.

I worked in a jail for fourteen years and yes, the black man was disproportionately incarcerated compared to the white man considering the black man only makes up about five percent of the population of this country. I also noticed that 99% of the black men that were in there for murder was there for murdering another black person.
Until "Black Lives Matter", Common and Chance the Rapper talk about how disenfranchised Chicago is, why don't "Black Lives Matter" take some of that money they're getting from the Koch Brothers and try to institute after school programs and community centers where poor urban youth can have a place to play, learn, interact and communicate with each other.

Common took money from ShowTime to produce a show that exploits and profits from the misery and poverty of a devalued people. I bet you he doesn't live in that neighborhood.

Chance the Rapper gave a million dollars to the Chicago School System. Let's look at the big picture. The Chicago School System, that's run by white men, will take that money and squander it quickly. He could have taken that money and built a couple of youth centers. Then used his celebrity with the locals to create a safe zone for children to play and everyone else to go about the daily lives without getting hit by a stray bullet.

I'm not only talking about Chicago, this is going on in all over the USA in our poverty stricken, urban neighborhoods. As long as white people see black people avoid our own self destruction by not confronting the murderers of black men in our neighborhoods, with the same zeal as we attack a cop for shooting an unarmed black man, then "Black Lives Don't Matter."

Black men kill more black men than white cops on a daily basis. The difference is astronomical. Until we march for that shit "Black Lives Don't Matter.


  1. about brutally honest Russ. Yet I agree with you because it's so easy to get caught up in the racist propaganda and ignore what's happening amongst my own culture. Truth is black people do kill each other most often for no reason with no remorse and black cops kill us too. So how do we move forward in unity? Like you said- it starts in the community. When I was coming up I had a community center to go to after school and it was open til 9. Even though eventually I went left it planted a seed. Also as a people we need to start calling each other out on our own bullshit and stop feeling some kind of way when other races do it for us. I'm not feeling Common at all-never did. He talks a good game but for me something is always lacking. I feel a lot of these celebs have their own agenda which is to stay relevant. It's like being an activist is a new fad/the new black.


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