8th Deadly Sin

Pride, envy, greed, gluttony, lust, sloth, and anger. They say these are the seven deadly sins, but I tell you the worst; it's a mother that hurts her child. God created the woman to be the mother of mankind. With that responsibility, he entrusted to her the most vulnerable and precious of all living things; the infant child.

God instills in women the protective nature to protect that child with her life. He trusts women to raise glorifying children. He instills in women the humbleness and humility to put aside their own vanity and life goals in order to give life to and protect their children.

To purposely try and hurt your child is evil because it goes against God's intended purpose. It goes against nature. I'm not talking about women who have mental health issues, postpartum depression or addiction issues. I'm talking about women who have children and physically harm them. Women who break that child's spirit from the day they are able to understand the human language through adulthood because they resent them because of the choices they made that led to that childs birth.

 It's even worse when the parent hates the child secretly and in her thoughts she often wishes for the child's failures so they can tell people "I told you so. They'll never be shit."

God created women for their purpose and He is all knowing. He has made a severe consequence for women that hurt their children. The children grow up and become successful. The ones that are not damaged from the years of spirit breaking are only too willing to remind that mother of what a piece of shit she was. Then they have children and treat them the way that they wanted to be treated as a child. God wins.

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