I'm Scared of White People

I grew up in the South Bronx. I had a close cousin of mine killed when he was thirteen years old. I've been stabbed three times in my chest. I've been shot at. I've seen a few dead bodies in my time. I've
done drugs. I've womanized. I've been a scary man at times. With all of that shit said, I'm scared to
death of white people. Them muthafuckers don't play. When they play, they play for keeps. I don't care what any Black, Hispanic, or Asian say, when a White man does it, he goes for the gusto, especially when it comes to killing people. I'm talking about the history of a man that will drop an atomic bomb on a city and kill seventy thousand people, including men, woman, children, cats, dogs, and koi fish, and they did it twice. They don't give a fuck. Let's not even get into serial killers.

They will think of all kinds of new ways to kill your ass, slowly, if they want some information. Look at these past couple of years, these crazy ass fucking white muthafuckers running  up in churches and killing muthafuckers, ten or better. The crazy muthafucker in Las Vegas got like sixty people. Just the other day this crazy muthafucker, calm, cool and calculated, walked into a school with an AR-15 and killed seventeen but shot about thirty five people or
more and walked away. He did get caught, but a mile away. He could have killed a whole lot more if he wanted to.

Now, I'm not saying Black people haven't had they're share of killing each other, but it's usually personal or drug related. Black people don't rent a hotel room, stack it up with weapons and start shooting into a crowd of outside concert goers. They're to lazy, they prefer the drive by (which was actually invented by White people, in the twenties, using machine guns).

Hispanics and Asians, they'll kill your whole fucking family. If one gets away and has a baby, they'll find them, kill them and kill the baby too. With all of that said, they still got nothing on White people.

Note that everything that I'm saying is about people of nefarious character. I'm not making a blanket statement about all White, Black, Hispanic and Asian people, just the crazy ones.

My final note on the topic is that White people scare the hell out of me. I'm just talking about the ones of nefarious character.

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