I am a gun advocate. I'm Black, from the ghetto and lost two family members to gun violence. I've been shot at twice in my lifetime and I still believe that people have the right to bear arms. The recent shooting in Florida has been so politicized.

When I was growing up in the Bronx, young minority teenagers were being killed on a regular basis in our schools to the point that metal detectors had to be installed in some of the schools. Some schools even had Police officers roaming the halls. This was in the Eighties. Where was the uproar then? Where were the marches?

If you want to solve the school shooting problem, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. Just hire armed security guards at the front and back entrances and have one driving around the school. Any one approaching the school with a weapon, or with suspicious intentions would be engaged. The school already has locked doors and the Police have a two minute response time.

Now, I'm a nobody, and was able to think of that shit. You're telling me that all of these smart muthafuckers couldn't think of that after Columbine?

I'm a law abiding, tax paying, working citizen. I own my guns for protection and the reason I have an assault rifle is because the criminals do. Those muthafuckers got machine guns, hand grenades, C4 and now they even have drones that can shoot guns.

If you want me to give up my guns, I'm more than willing to. You just make sure you take care of all of those criminals with the machine guns, hand grenades and shit first. Then I can feel safe and won't have the need for my guns.

I think in a lot of the mass shootings that weren't school related, like the one at the movie theatre, the one at the night club, and the one at the office in California, if other people were armed, those lunatics might have only killed a couple of people before everybody else would have blown the lunatics head off. They wouldn't have gotten big numbers. There will always be lunatics. We can't do anything about that but at least when they start acting crazy, we can cut them down on the spot, with minimum civilian casualties.

So, I truly believe in my heart that a gun is an inanimate object, just like a knife, a car, a broken bottle, poison, and a bat. All of these things that have been used to kill people could not do it by themselves. They are just inanimate objects.

Guns don't kill people, CRAZY people kill people.

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