I hate people who are always trying to tell me what a Christian is. Since Christians started being Christians, Christians have been telling people what Christians are supposed to be.  This is the exact reason why there are so many denominations now.

What real Christians know is that being a Christian has to do with a personal relationship with God. It is written that when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them. Now there are mega churches with flamboyantly rich pastors and the people in their church don't even know each other.

Its funny how human beings can be consumed with what other people think about them but don't worry about what God thinks about them. They forget that God see's all their little dirty shit that nobody knows but them. God sees everything. 

So, to all you fake ass Christians out there, the ones with the bumper stickers that say "Praise the Lord" and the hat that says "I Love Jesus" and the shirt that says "Jesus's Army", the ones that spout out scripture after scripture and are quick to judge his fellow man, and the ones with Jesus in their mouths and Satan in their hearts, Fuck You!!!

People that wear all that Jesus stuff do so to have other people lower their guard. You have to love
Jesus in your heart and if you did so you wouldn't be able to do the low down dirty stuff that you do, you fake ass Christians! You gossip about people, you judge people, you're jealous of people and on Sunday morning, you're praising the Lord for everyone to see. If they saw what was in your heart they would turn away in disgust.

If you want to be a real Christian, love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your fellow human being as you would love yourself.  


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