Everybody gets high in some way, shape, form or fashion, from illegal drugs to alcohol, prescription drugs, sex, extreme sports, and risk taking behavior. All of these substances and behaviors activate some sort of pleasure zone in the brain.

The anti-drug people will tell you to get high on life. Bullshit!!! If life was so fucking good, muthafuckers wouldn't have to get high in the first place. What pisses me off is when people get high on their monkey and then try to judge someone else getting high on their monkey. And for all you young heads that don't know what monkey means, it's a term for your drug of choice.

Everybody has their own monkey and who am I to judge another? My only problem is when those little monkeys become full grown gorilla's. Then it's not getting high anymore. It's an addiction.

Alcoholics love to point their fingers at illegal drug users, especially when their in the positions of  police, district attorneys, judges and the judicial system in general. They put people away everyday for taking care of their monkey but their monkey's names are Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, Smirnoff, Valium, Adivan, and Xanax, etc. They're just like the people they are putting away. They want to escape.

Just like everyone else, after a long, hard, grinding day, they want to come home and unwind. They want to escape the everyday bullshit that comes with just living these days even though they know it's temporary. They don't want to think about the problems from the job, problems with the kids, arguing with the spouse, or paying the bills. They just want to have the time to enjoy breathing in the euphoria that comes with getting high.

Now, I'm not saying that everybody should get high. I'm saying if you do get high, control your shit. If you're an alcoholic or pill popper and you point your fingers at other people that get high, mind your own fucking business. People have enough to worry about in this world without their own kind pointing fingers at them.

Truth be told, if you don't drink, smoke weed, use illegal drugs or do something a little more than you
should because it brings you pleasure to get away from this fucked up existence of working slavery, then there's something wrong with you because everybody gets high.

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  1. Aw shit Russ-we gonna battle now brother cause I disagree!


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