You Got To Be Crazy . . .

There is a separation between God and religion. I've seen devout church going people do horrific things. To me, religion distorts the true nature of God.  Therefore, giving ammunition to atheism and agnosticism. The whole basic foundation behind atheism and agnosticism is: If you can't see it, touch it, sense it, talk to it, hear it, or explain it, it doesn't exist.

I'll tell you one thing besides God that you can do none of the above with, but if you jump off the Empire State Building without a parachute you'll know it exist real quick: Gravity. It's everywhere but nowhere. Scientist know it exists but they can't explain it and God made that.

The Sun is a star that feeds energy to the plants.  The fish, birds, and cows eat the plants. We eat the fish, birds and cows. All of the aforementioned bi products fertilize the dirt, which the plants grow in, thus the circle of life. Who do you think created that? A mad scientist?

The sperm cell fertilizes the egg, thus creating a chemical chain reaction. That chemical reaction turns into a parasite that sucks the life out of its host. Until that parasite breaths the breath of life, it is just a parasite. The Bible says that God breathed into the nostrils of his creation, the breath of life.

To all you atheist, isn't it funny that until you take that breath of life you're just still born? By the way, you can't see air either.

All of the things I mentioned and things I didn't mention like, being able to travel in Space for one hundred years and still be in Space, proves that God is beyond our understanding.

Just to think about all that I've mentioned is inconceivable to the mind of how it was created, but yet, it was created for a purpose. It didn't just appear out of nothing. Every argument conceivable, everyone already knows. You can't get nothing out of nothing.

So, with that said, you got to be crazy not to believe that there is a God.

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