What Color Is Jesus?

There are so many stories about Jesus. There are also many pictures of Jesus. There's White Jesus, Black Jesus, Latino Jesus, and Chinese Jesus. Everybody wants Jesus to look like they do. The question is, why the fuck do you care what He looks like when you don't listen to what He has said?

There are people of all colors, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientation, claiming to love Jesus and wanting to be like Him. They will call on his name when their asses are in trouble, but God forbid these muthafuckers act like Him for a day.

There are White supremacist running around toting the Bible in one hand, spouting praise the Lord and Jesus Christ, but have a rope in the other hand ready to hang a nigger. Then there are black megachurch preachers living in multiple mansions, driving hundred thousand dollar cars, passed homeless people every day.

There's no short line of muthafuckers preaching in the name of Jesus, in their image of Him. But let me tell them all something - There's no way in the world that you can believe in Jesus Christ and kill another person because they are different from you. Jesus would not just walk by hungry, starving people if He had thousands of dollars in His pockets.

So, all you muthafuckers out there trying to divide people and turn them away from Jesus, with your bull shit man-made imagery, it's easier to argue about what Jesus looks like, than to be like Him and walk in His shoes. #WhoGivesAFuckWhatHeLooksLike.

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