In one of my previous posts I said that women need to make a rule book.  For the sake of expediency, I'm going to set the rules for young, single men, gay men, men of power and every mutherfucking man that walks this earth.

Women may want to stop reading at this point because I'm going to be talking raw with men in the way that we talk when women are not around.

Rule #1: When you see a woman with big titties and a big ass, don't stare at them with your tongue hanging out your mouth, like you've never seen titties and ass before.

Rule #2: Just because a woman is beautiful, it doesn't mean she's intelligent.

Rule #3: If you're in a woman's apartment and there's a heavy make-out session, that doesn't mean she wants to fuck you.

Rule #4: If you go out with a woman and she's highly intoxicated, even if she begs you to fuck her, don't.

Rule #5: If you're in the bed with a woman, butt naked, with her legs spread open, welcoming you in, and you're one inch away from her opening and she says "Stop! No!" you can't run up in her anyway because you are so close. NO MEANS NO!!!

Rule #6: When a woman says "No." she doesn't really mean yes.

Rule #7: Just because a woman dresses sexy, it doesn't mean she's doing it to impress a man, she could be doing to make herself feel good.

Rule #8: Don't say "I love you," to a woman to fuck her. When a woman says that she loves you she's willing to die for you, so when you say it, mean it.

Rule #9: Titties are titties, pussies are pussies, asses are asses. There's no difference except for the size. You can't do anything to one that you can't do to the other.  A woman is not defined by her feminine attributes, but by the essence of her being.

Rule #10: If you love a woman with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, you never have to force her to do anything because she would give it to you willingly. She strengthens your weaknesses. So respect her, protect her and definitely don't neglect her because if you do, a real man will take her from you.

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