I Was Going to The Light

I was rattling away. I was going to the light, fading fast. For a moment, I was just going to let go and let it all be over.

The Bible says that the day of death is better than the day of one's birth.  Very few people have had the opportunity to start to die.  The process is the same for every single person.  You start gasping for air, you get low oxygen intake into the body, you have a heart attack and then your heart stops.  Every single person that doesn't die of a gunshot wound or get hit by a bus dies in this manner.  

I was at that point where I was gasping for air.  Contrary to what we're led to believe, it didn't hurt.  I felt a haze of comfort.  No fear whatsoever.  I was at peace. 

That was the closest I ever came to death.  Funny thing is, it's nothing like the movies.  There's no music, or somebody holding your hand, telling you to hold on.  Most people, when they die, are going to die alone, by themselves, maybe in their sleep or a sudden heart attack in the bathtub, or a slip down the stairs in your old age.  You're most likely going to be by yourself.  It's just going to be you and God.

So don't ignore him now and then start calling His name when you're grabbing your chest.  If you're right with God, in your heart, when it's time to meet him, they'll be no fear.  Fear doesn't come from God.

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