Family Values

You know what's wrong with everybody and everything that's wrong with this world, lack of family values. It's non-existent for some, deteriorating for others and dysfunctional for most.  In the early part of the 20th century, family values were the most important thing. Children respected their elders, not just their parents but grown-ups in general.

Families lived together in a big house or a small house but they were together and shared the bills. When people grew old, their children took care of them because they lived in the same house together. There was no such thing as yours and mine, it was ours.

Families sat at the table and had meals together every night. Communities communicated, children could play in the street until the street lights came on without worry. You didn't need an Amber Alert because the community was looking out and people respected each other.
Families supported each other financially. There was no such thing as a family members car being repossessed or someone's lights being turned out because you knew you could always go to family with no questions asked.

A single woman didn't leave home until she was married. Her parents didn't make her pay rent so she was able to save a "Rainy Day Fund," just in case the man she married lacked family values.  The man had to eat dinner with the family and ask the father permission to date his daughter and his intentions were questioned.

With all that being said, this is why everybody and everything is so messed up now. If we just institute family values the world would be a better place. Forget about the bullshit bipartisan laws that are trying to be passed through Congress. There should be an Executive Order instituting mandated family values.

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