You Want a Medal for That?

You want a medal for that. It’s your fault we were homeless in the first place from you messing with that bitch.

Arguments within a relationship.  Where do we learn how to argue with people we are in an intimate relationship with?  Why is it that some people will sit down and argue in a normal voice, listening to the other person's concerns, and voicing their opinion?  While other's yell, scream, shout,  and snip at the other's insecurities until one has broken the other down.

The truth is, people learn how to argue from their parents.  If a child grows up watching their parents disrespect each other, then they will do the same to their partner and tolerate the same.

In the ghetto, because there is a lack of fathers, women are taught not to respect men.  Men and women are different in a whole a lot of ways.  When a man is verbally broken down, and made to feel less than a man, he starts to act that way.  This stems from some single mothers, not all, raising young boys whose fathers they hate.  The mother subconsciously takes out her revenge on the child for having the audacity to look like the father.  Meanwhile, these young men have sisters that are watching, and then they treat their boyfriends or husbands the way they saw their mother treat their sons and boyfriends.

Respect is the most important thing in any relationship.  A man and a woman do not have to disrespect each other just because they have a difference of opinion.  Communication is the key to success. 

We need to teach our children how to communicate.  If a young man feels respected, he's going to return the respect.  Let's teach our young men how to communicate and respect our woman.

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