What I Could Do With a Woman Like That

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"Guy, go get me a switch. This muthafucker done pissed the bed again."— Russell Vann

I kept thinking, damn, what I could do with a woman like that in my corner, by my side, I would be unstoppable.

"This is a man's world but it ain't nothing without a woman or girl." ~ James Brown.

Those are the most under appreciated words ever spoken in the English language.  Behind every strong and successful man stands an even stronger and successful woman.  Truth be told, woman teach men everything. A man is trained to love by a woman, to survive by a woman and to bond with a woman.  All of those things are taught to young men by woman and only woman because we all came from a woman.  Even if your mama, you're grand momma, your great grand momma, or your aunt didn't  raise you, you were still raised by a woman.  So teenaged boys, young men and middle aged men look for woman to complete them. 

Without a woman, a man never embraces his nurturing side.  He's lost without a woman.  With the right woman in a man's corner, the wealthiest man, the strongest man, and the deadliest man will always hear the truth.  No matter how many flunkies he has around, no matter how many ho's he screws, the woman who has his heart can always check him in private.  She'll tell him everything everyone else is scared to tell him.

She'll have your back to the death.  She would be your ride or die.  If you ask any man in the world, not the idiots, but real men, what they really want from a woman, it wouldn't be pussy, or blow jobs, or looking like a whore, the answer would be that they just want someone they can trust.  Then they would know that they are unstoppable.

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