The Big, Mean-Looking Black Man

He played on the common fear rich white people have of the big, mean-looking Black man, and I enjoyed it.

I don't understand racism.  I can understand a person wanting to kill a muthafucker because he hates him for personal reasons.  But to dehumanize an entire race because they're not the same as yours, leaves me baffled.  I'm not talking about white people. I'm talking about all people.

I grew up around black and Hispanic people.  I've been stabbed in my chest three times.  I've been shot at.  I've had my life threatened and none of the people that did those things to me were white.

The truth that people don't want to hear is that most offenses that  are perpetrated against a person are by a person of the same race simply because that's who they live around.  You usually have to go out of your neighborhood to encounter a different race of people than yourself.  For example, you may have a couple of Chinese people that live in the neighborhood, but if you've ever walked through Chinatown in New York, or San Francisco, you'd know that your ass was in the wrong neighborhood.

The bottom-line is, there are assholes in all races, colors, and shapes. There are male, female, straight, gay, short, tall, big and small racists.  An asshole is an asshole.

We're all human beings that bleed red blood, made by one God. #RiseAbove the bullshit and love one another!!!!!!!

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