Now, You're a Man!

“Congratulations, my son. Finally, you have learned. You have graduated. Now you’re a man!"

A man is not a man until he learns to understand women. To understand them is to know that you'll never understand them, you'll just co-exist with them. What a  man needs to know and learn is that there are very different types of women.

There's the beautiful, voluptuous, fulfilling man's every visual desire woman. The problem with this type of woman is she's usually a gold digger.  Even if she doesn't say it, she knows she's beautiful and that every man desires her. She knows they will buy endless, materialistic things that they can't afford, just for a mere chance to fuck her.  Many suckers have left their families, lost their jobs, gone to jail, or become financially destitute, all so that he can have this visually fulfilling woman on his arm and to be the envy of every other man.

Then there's the Susie Homemaker women. She may be voluptuous.  She may be beautiful, but her most attractive attribute is her modesty and her intelligence. She has all the attributes as the gold digger but she doesn't use them to attract men. A man can't even see her attributes.  She's a woman with class.  A man has to talk to her to see her inner beauty.  The only thing she's digging for is a  good man.  A man to love her, protect her and build with her. 

When men realize that this is the only real type of women, and they stop chasing those fuck you for six months then I'm tired of talking to you, pretty bitches, then they have graduated.  They become men. They graduate to manhood. They get married.

When did you graduate?


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