I was just Rosemary's bastard child

I was just Rosemary's bastard child, and if I didn't speak to Rosemary, I wasn't part of the family.

The term bastard is used more often than people think, and no matter how it's used, it still means the same shit. A child is born from what society terms an unholy union. That means their momma and daddy weren't married, therefore the child is considered not legitimate.

It's so funny that in today's main stream media, cinema and internet celebritism, woman are having babies out of wed-lock with no thought what-so-ever to the stigmatism attached to the child. The mother is going through the fuck 'what society thinks of me' phase while the child will have to endure the consequences of her actions.  The mere fact that the child grows to understand that they are fatherless, they start to accept this dysfunction as normal and then perpetuate the action.

It is so rampant in the ghetto, we've even endeared the term "Ghetto Bastard" because it has become a way of life.  I speak from experience.  I was born a Ghetto Bastard.  I know the stigmatism that comes with it, especially when there was an event involving parents and your grand parent had to show up because she was your parent.

Ghetto Bastard's are not born into their circumstances by their doing, but once they understand that their circumstances are not their destiny, then they'll learn to #RiseAbove the ghetto bastardism.  #RiseAbove the behavior.  Teach our children better. Break the cycle of Ghetto Bastardism.

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