Fuck the World and Everybody In It

“Fuck the world and everybody in it. 1996 is going to be my year. I don’t need nobody. From now on, it’s me against the world.”

New Years Eve, 1995.  I was alone in the world.  I had my cheap bottle of Ballatore Spumante Sparkling wine, some weed and a small, 12 inch, black and white TV with an antenna to watch Dick Clarks Rockin' Eve on.  No one in the world gave a shit about me.  The world was partying and I was alone in my shithole.

There's certain times in your life, and this was one of them, when reality and life punch you right in the face to wake your ass up to let you know the only person in this world besides God, that you can depend on is yourself.  The world don't give a shit about you.  You think you mean shit to the world but you ain't shit.  The only one you mean shit to is that muthafucker in the mirror.  That's the one that's with you in the morning, noon and night, every day of your muthafucking life.

That's the person whose going to be there for you when you're down and out, through self doubt, self disappointment and sometimes self loathing.  But in the end, you're all you got.  It's you against the world.  You have to say fuck everybody else in it since everybody else in it said "Fuck you."

There comes a time in a persons life when they have to go down deep to pull up their inner strength to take on the world.  1996 was that time for me.

When did that time come for you to conquer the world or at least try?

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