Everything I Was Ever Taught About Jesus Was a Lie

I realized from reading the Bible that basically everything I was ever taught about Jesus was a lie.

My great grandmother, who raised me, was born around 1915.  I came to live with her when I was four years old.  She never had any religious items around the house, nor did she own a bible.  The only time that I ever heard her mention anything religious was once when she told me a story about her mother. 

She said her mother was around sixty years old and that someone had stolen something from her house.  Her mother called some lady.  The lady came over to my great grandmothers apartment where her mother lived, pulled out a Bible, wrapped a string around it and asked my great, great grandmother to start saying the names of people she thought might have stolen from her.  When the name of the person that stole from her came up, the bible started spinning rapidly.

That's the only thing that I ever heard my great grandmother talk about pertaining to religion.  But she was persistent that I be baptized and about taking me to church on Sunday.  She, herself, wasn't a church lady.  We just went and when it was over, we left.  She didn't socialize, she wasn't part of any committees, we just went in and then out.  I never understood it.

She made sure, as much as she could afford, that I went to Catholic School for a number of years, but she wasn't a practicing Catholic.  It was like she wanted to introduce me to Jesus, but she wanted me to figure the truth out on my own because Catholicism is bullshit. 

For all the years I went to Catholic school, I never saw a Bible.  I was only told about Jesus, told about rules and Commandments, usually through Catholic literature, not the Bible.

I'm not an outsider talking shit.  I was baptized at the age of six by a Roman Catholic Priest.  I was confirmed when I was thirteen by a Black Bishop or Cardinal in Kearny, New Jersey.  Everything that I was shown or taught about Jesus was a lie.  They showed me images of a frail, feminine looking, white man with long hair.  They made me fear Him instead of love and imitate Him.

When I finally got my hands on a Bible and read it, I was twenty seven years old.  It was like I was hearing about Jesus for the first time.  Every perception I had was shattered.  When I read the Bible, I realized He was a tough guy.  Not because of the miracles, but because he spoke the truth and evil fears the truth because the truth will set you free.

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What I do know is that much of what people believe about Catholics and the Catholic church simply isn’t true. 


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