You May Be From the Ghetto . . .

“Russ, you may be from the ghetto, but you’re not going to stay in the ghetto,” he started.

What is the ghetto?  Some say it's a place where a bunch of poor minorities are packed on top of each other.  The schools are over crowded.  The supermarkets are sub-standard.  The streets aren't safe at night and the police just don't give a fuck.

Believe this, there are ghettos all over the world.  What people call a ghetto here, people in India, Somalia and other third world nations would call a paradise. People in those countries don't even have indoor plumbing.  They shit in the lake and wipe their asses with their hands.  Some shit in the back yard and bury it.  They are all the same color in Africa and India etc.

So, ideally, all of those places are ghettos.  If any one of those starving, living in subhuman conditions, had the opportunity to get out of that ghetto, they would take it at the drop of a dime.

Those are real ghettos.  Now let's talk about the American ghetto.  It's not a place, it's a mindset.  Any time you have people living in a suppressed area, with no ambition in their hearts to get the fuck out and is willing to grow old there and get a free hand-out from the government instead of getting their lazy, fat ass to work, it's a mind-set, not a situation. 

There's no one to blame for you being poor.  Ghetto people don't have a particular race.  There are all kinds of ghettos in America.  There are trailer parks, urban high-rise projects, and run down low income housing, and all ethnic races occupy them.  So it's a stereotype to think that just poor blacks and Hispanics live in the ghetto.

So, ghetto isn't a place, it's a mind-set because you do have hard working families that live there.  There are mothers and fathers that go to work and send their children to local Catholic private schools and bust their asses everyday to be pillars of society.  The difference between them and the ghetto rats is that they are trying to get out and the ghetto rats are loving it.  They love it so much that even if you moved that ghetto rat to Beverly Hills, she/he would still be a ghetto rat.  It's the mindset.

Do you know anyone that has the ghetto mindset?

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