Women are Smarter Than You Think They Are

Let me tell you something about women—they’re smarter than you think they are, but not as smart as they think they are.

From infancy men have been raised to look at woman with one intention which is to have sex with them.  Woman have been sexually objectified since the beginning of time.  At the earliest stages of the Bible, it speaks of great men and their concubines. 

The movies and T.V. constantly show woman in sexually submissive roles and provocative clothing.  This is why men look at woman, subconsciously, the way that they do because they've been programmed to.  Woman have been programmed to feed into that hidden desire.

In today's society, everything is sexual and woman are at the base of it; how big their breasts are, how big their butts are, how big their lips are.  These are the things that woman are objectifying on themselves.

Men are not that complicated.  Before T.V., internet, and air brushing, they were happy with a regular looking woman.  Smart woman understand that a pair of big titties, a big ass and big, luscious lips to suck a dick with don't make a real woman.  The woman that are augmenting themselves to get these big things are not smart woman.

Smart woman know that all you really need to do with a man are three things and you'll have a man  forever.  You have to respect him, feed him and fuck him.  It's just that simple.

So, all you so called smart woman out there that think that your womanhood is in your beauty, your dreaming.  Wake up.  A real woman is a smart and intelligent woman.

Are you that woman?

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