She Was Making a Claim On Me

She knew what she was doing—she was making a claim on me and letting all the bitches know she was in the picture.

Woman are very funny.  They seem to have men wrapped right around their fingers.  In the beginning they say "Everything is cool", "No commitment", "We're just hanging out."  Next thing you know, they are hanging out at your house everyday.  Then they're cooking for you all the time and fucking you daily.  Then they start answering the phone.  You don't really know each other like that, you're just hanging out.  The next thing you know the bitch is getting mail at your place.

I fell for this shit, hook, line and sinker.  A one night stand turned into a three and a half year relationship that I was trying to break out of for two years.  It was ugly.  Every possible ghetto rat maneuver was engaged.  The police, child support, verbal threats, you name it, she did it.

This bitch knew what she was doing from the very start.  Any other time a bitch want to talk about shit until she's blue in the face.  But, "We're a couple" and "Let's live together" was never discussed.  She just kept going along figuring that if I wasn't saying shit then she wasn't going to say shit.

Have you ever had a one night stand that stayed longer than they were welcomed?

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