She Had to Fight A Lot to Survive

At the age of eighteen, she went to jail for a year on Riker’s Island. There, she had to fight a lot to survive.

When we're born in this world, the one thing we are supposed to be guaranteed are protectors.  But when there is no one to protect us we learn to fight.  This is especially more prevalent to woman who are often targets for sexual abuse by a degenerate family member or family friend.  Fighting to survive becomes the norm.  Most sheltered people don't know how to survive in a crisis because they have never had a struggle.

I realized that there are two different types of woman in the world.  There are bitches and there are ladies.  Neither one is better than the other but depending on who you are, the bitch might be good for you and the lady bad for you.  If you're the low life type of muthafucker to cheat on your woman all the time, abuse her physically and emotionally, then you need a bitch to cut your ass.  If you're a hard working man that goes to work everyday and loves and treats your woman with respect, then you need a lady because a bitch won't treat you right.  She'll walk all over you.

At a certain point in my life I needed a bitch.  But there is a downfall to having a bitch.  When it's time to break up they don't go easy.  As much as they were your ride or die bitch, now it's "I'm going to kill you, muthafucker!" 

Are you a lady or a bitch?

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  1. I have to say I'm a lady. But even if you re not a lady you still deserve respect. I might act the same way if I'm in a relationship and the guy wants to leave me. You never know when it comes to relationships.


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