I Would Smoke a Blunt . . .

I would smoke a blunt in the morning before I came to work, after work, and before I went to bed.

For as long as I could remember, growing up, I always saw people smoking weed around me.  They would do this without a care in the world that a child was in their presence.  I saw people smoking weed in the movies, sniffing cocaine and shooting dope.

I was eleven years old when I went into my mother's stash and rolled a bullshit joint and tried to smoke it.  I don't think I got high, but I'm not sure because I didn't know what getting high felt like.  I wanted to know what the people around me and in the movies were feeling.  They were always laughing and smiling, except for the dope fiends.

I was thirteen years old when my coke dealing uncle gave me my first hit of coke and let me sniff with him all night.

I was fourteen when I stole my aunts weed stash and smoked it with my Cougar girlfriend.

I was twenty when I learned how to roll a joint.  I was twenty one when I started smoking weed everyday.  I stopped for eight years when I was twenty nine.  They were the most miserable eight years of my life.

I've sniffed cocaine from time to time since my uncle had first introduced me too it but it was always a social thing.  I never really liked the high because it made me paranoid. 

I was scared to death to ever try heroin, from all the movies I saw of dope fiends going through withdrawal.

I've tried mescaline once or twice and I've even, at certain points, been at the beginning stages of  alcoholism.  The funny thing is, I don't like alcohol.  I realized that alcohol made you do some dumb shit.  So for me, it's always been weed.

I don't care what anybody says: scientists, doctors or law enforcement, weed is good for the soul.  There is no hangover, it makes you a calmer and rational person.  Many people try to demonize it but I'll tell you the truth, I've seen people do a lot more dumb shit and die over alcohol related incidents than I've ever heard about marijuana doing anything like that.

Marijuana puts me at peace.  No war, no hate, just love.

How do you feel about marijuana?

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