I Just Wanted to Kick his Ass and Embarrass Him

K.C. and the Funky Bunch.  They were four drug dealer wanna be rappers.  They had their little following.  When you got a lot of people looking at you and you're the center of attention, your rep means everything.

The situation with K.C. could have easily ended off with another dead muthafucker in the street; me!  Whenever you want to resolve a situation with a bully or a gang you must take out the leader. If you're not going to kill him, you have to tarnish his reputation.

Everybody respects an ass kicker.  Everyone respects someone who walks soft but hits hard.  In the ghetto, when that quiet, loner steps out for his fifteen seconds of fame for kicking a bullies ass, he is now the hero.

Have you ever been that hero?

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