I Just Impregnated a Ghetto Rat

I just impregnated a ghetto rat with another ghetto bastard like me. The cycle is repeating itself.

What is a ghetto rat?  Opinions may vary.  Here's my definition: A ghetto rat is that bitch in the ghetto with three, four, five or six kids by three, four, or five different muthafuckers. She's lays up in her low income apartment and sucks every financial assistance there is out of those children via food stamps, section 8 and $5000, $6000, $7000 income child tax credit refunds. The bitches don't even have jobs.  They have no desire whatsoever to get out of the ghetto, to make something better of themselves, become positive role models for their children. They just want to suck the system dry for as long as they can. Like the world owes them money for dropping a baby and sitting on their fat asses.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand a woman having two kids by two different men.  Shit happens, like divorce, or sometimes people in a long term relationship with a child break up.  But, multiple, more than two kids, by two or more different men is ghetto rat-ism.  I'm not giving the men a pass that have multiple babies by multiple women, but those are ghetto bastards which is a different story. What I'm talking about is that ghetto rat wanting to be on the system for their whole life.  I mean, there's no way a woman can rationalize why she has five different kids by five different men.  You fuck without a condom you get pregnant.  You don't need a PhD to understand that shit.

I impregnated the ultimate ghetto rat.  She was ten years older than me and ran circles around me.  When I got her pregnant, in her mind she said "Ch'ing, Ch'ing!$$$. That's more child support, extra food stamps, extra housing allowance because now I have four kids."  She probably hoped that she would have twins.

Shout out to all of you single mothers, working two jobs to pay your bills, feed your kids and give them something positive to look at every day.  Ain't nothing wrong with hard work.

How many ghetto rats do you know?  Do you have a baby by a ghetto rat?

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