I knew it would be only a matter of time before they broke up.

Marcus, Jack, Lamar, Rodney 1, Rodney 2, Wesley, Briggs, Bill, Ortiz, Ernest, Ron, and there were others that I only saw once or twice and didn't come around the family.  These were all the men I saw my mother with when I was growing up.  Every time I saw any of them with her I knew it was just a matter of time before they would break up.

When you witness things like this, it's how you look at all relationships.  Like its just  matter of time,

you're not thinking about growing older together.  You're not committed. Children live what they've seen. I am one of six children by five different woman. I have three kids by three different woman.

All these ghetto rats are sitting up here with four and five kids by four or five different muthafuckers. Then the little muthafuckers (the children) turn around and have multiple kids. The boys will have six kids by six different woman and the girls will have three minimum by three different men.  Not all of them just 95.5% of them.  This is why the projects will always be full, the jails will always be full and the ghetto will always be full.  Stop perpetuating the shit.

How many ghetto bastards out there have a sibling or two by a different daddy? How many of them are in jail? How many of them have more than one child?

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