Getting High While Pregnant

I would say, “How do you think your child will feel knowing that you got high every day you were pregnant with them?”

How does society look at a woman that gets high while she's pregnant?  Are there different levels of fetal abuse?  Is one action worse than another?  If society sees an image of a pregnant woman shooting dope with a needle in her arm they are outrage.  They call her the scourge of the earth.  There's no hole deep enough to put her in.  Yet the same indignation is not shown to a pregnant woman smoking cigarettes or consuming hard liquor.

When I was younger, I could hear my mother in her discussions with other adults, when they thought no children were listening.  I could hear her bragging about how high she would get and the different drugs she would use while pregnant with me.  I don't recall the drugs but I do recall this statement that always stuck in my head:  "I'm surprised he didn't come out with something wrong with him."  I knew my mother smoked weed and cigarettes and that she indulged in heroin.  So it's no doubt in my mind that, in my fetal stage, I may have developed a familiarity with the feeling of getting high.

My mother was a single mother, so she did what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it.  When I was with my daughter's mother I would get into arguments with her for getting high while she was pregnant.  It was a constant battle, so after a while, it was easier to just let her get high. 

The bottom-line is that if a person wants to get high, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or shoot dope, there's not a fucking thing you can do about it.  That being said, if a woman doesn't care enough about her unborn child to protect it while in it's most vulnerable stage, she doesn't deserve that child.

If you didn't give a shit about your child while it was in your womb, you're not going to give a shit while your child is out here in the world.  Simply said: You won't protect them!  You might have well aborted them, than to leave them unprotected in this evil world.

What do you think about woman that abuse their fetuses?

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