Who’s my mother? I didn’t even know who my mother was.

"A child is born with no state of mind. Blind to the ways of mankind." - Grandmaster Flash

Just because she's your mother, it doesn't mean she loves you. So many children in the world are unloved by their mothers.  Most of them are ghetto bastards.

When a baby is born, they were not asked to be born into this world.  The mother knew all the evils of the world and by having that child she took a blood oath by her actions to protect that child with her life if necessary.

I didn't know my mother was my mother until I was about three and a half to four years old.  I remember flashes of her when I was younger but that was just of her dropping me off.  I remembered more of the people I was with all the time than I did my mother.  I didn't know that she was my mother until my great grandmother, who raised me, told me so. 

If you want my brutally honest opinion, any child raised by their great grandmother while their mother and grand mother are alive, the mother and the grandmother are pieces of shit. 

I'm saying this because if the mother fell into hard times ie: drugs, incarceration, mental illness or any other unfortunate circumstance or died, then it's up to the grandmother to step up.  I say mother and grandmother, not the fathers or grandfathers, because they don't have that maternal instinct like a woman does.  They can never understand the bond of something growing inside of you that you have given birth to and is a part of you.

Ghetto - a part of a city, or rural area, financially distressed, occupied by poor people of all colors, genders, races, nationalities, sexual preferences, etc.

Bastarda person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.

How many of you are ghetto bastards that were raised by your great grandmother?  Also chime in if you weren't raised your parents.

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