“Somebody please help my mother. He is going to kill her!”

1974, a man could mercilessly beat a woman in the street and no one would intervene.  In 1994 O.J. Simpson allegedly kills his ex-wife after years of alleged spousal abuse.  Then all of a sudden things change.

In 1974, police would be called to a domestic violence situation where the husband assaulted the wife.  The police would take the guy around the corner, smoke a cigarette with him, calm him down and take him back home.  Now, you go to jail.

I remember standing there begging people to help my mother escape her brutal assault and
no one wanted to get involved.  The other side of the story is that she took him back several times after several beatings.  That's when I started to wonder who was at fault.  Why would a woman let a man brutally beat her in the street, in front of her child, and then take him back? 

I hear stories of woman living for years in fear for their life from their partners.  They sleep next to them every night at their most vulnerable stage. Why would the woman be scared of that man?  His life is in her hands.

Have you ever seen a person that keeps going back to a domestically violent situation?

Are you a person that keeps going back to an abusive relationship?

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