I was six years old, and had never had a Christmas.

My great grandmother was old school Christmas.  She didn't put all the presents out with to and from tags on them.  She hid the presents and bought a couple at a time on her way from work.  She did the whole Christmas thing by taking me to Gimbels Department Store to sit on Santa's lap.  She would listen to me tell him what I wanted.  She put little Santa Clause figurines around my bedroom, living room and the tree, building the anticipation of Santa coming down our fake fireplace.

The night before Christmas I can remember looking up at the sky trying to catch a glimpse of Santa's Sleigh. I fell asleep looking out the window at the sky.  When I woke up, Santa had gotten pass me.  When I walked into the living room there were unwrapped toys all over the place.

I was five when I learned about Christmas.  When I turned seven my mother ruined Christmas for me.

Shout out if you remember the old school Christmas.  Did someone ruin it for you or did you figure it out yourself?

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