All Bullies Want an Easy Target

There's three types of men in the world, the strong, the weak and the wise.  Bullies love to pick on the weak but the wise control the bullies.  I got into a lot of fights in my boarding school.  I fought Blacks, Whites, Spanish, and Asians. The bigger they were, the more rep you would get for taking that ass whooping.

Any strong person could beat a weaker person's ass.  That's not rocket science.  It takes a wise man to be strong enough to take an ass whopping in the first place.  That's what distinguishes the strong from the weak.  Whose willing to take the ass whopping?  The wise man will take one ass whooping to avoid a hundred.  But the weakling will let himself be bullied to avoid the one ass whooping.

I remember one time seeing a fight between two men.  I knew one of the guys, a big guy named Space.  A friend and I were walking down the block and Space was walking up on this small guy getting ready to confront him about something.  Space outweighed this guy by eighty pounds easy.  He started taking off his jacket like he was about to swing on the small guy.  This little muthafucker jumped on Space and held on to him with a big hug and they started tussling.  As Space was trying to pull the guy off, the little guy was biting and scratching Space up.  All I could hear was Space yell "This muthafucker is biting my titi.  That shit went on for about five minutes. The two other people they were with had to pull the little muthafucker off of Space.  If Space really wanted to fight he could have pushed his way through the guys and continued the fight, but Space didn't want no more of that.

My advice to anybody that's being bullied is to walk up to the bully, no matter where it is, school, church, wherever, look him or her straight in their eyes and punch that muthafucker right in the face.  There might be some repercussions, you might have to take an ass whooping but I bet that muthafucker will never say two words to you again.

Fuck a bully! Let that muthafucker know you're crazy.  Better a short time of repercussions than a lifetime of inferiority.

Anybody know a bully that needs to be punched in the face?

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